There are many variants to the game of bocce, depending upon space, level of play, customs, mutual agreement or other factors.  Thus there is no one set standard of rules in the game of bocce, and differences will change style and competitiveness of play.

The Auburn Bocce Club uses the United States Bocce Federation Open Rules as its basis.  Here are the rules:

Washington State 501(c)7 non-profit corporation
United States Bocce Federation affiliate.

​​1.  The toss of a coin will determine the starting team.  The coin toss loser will select the color of balls.

2.  The starting team must toss the pallino past the centerline, it must stay within the court and cannot hit the back wall. If starting team fails to place the pallino in play on the first attempt, the opposing team has one toss to place it in play.  When both teams have failed to place the pallino in play the pallino will be spotted on the mark and the starting team will begin play.

3.  The pallino remains in play unless it is knocked out of the court or in front of the centerline, the pallino will be spotted and play will continue.

4.  The team tossing the pallino will throw the first ball.  The second team will throw their ball when the first team has a point or short of center line ball.

5.  Any ball hitting the back wall without hitting any other ball is dead and will be removed from the court.  Any ball leaving the court will be out of play.  Any ball thrown short of the centerline but on the court will be left where it lies.  Any ball delivered over the throw line is considered thrown.  Only a ball that ends up past the centerline at the end of the frame can be considered for scoring.

6.  To complete a frame, all eight balls must be thrown.

7.  Players shall not step over the foul line before or after releasing the pallino or their ball.

8.  12 points are required to win a match and is considered a standard game.  The tournament committee may announce before the start of the first game to use another score for a completed game.  They may elect to use a lower score when the number of teams and the amount of time are a concern.  The committee may announce that the championship game or games will be played to a higher score.

9.  All players must remain outside of the court during the course of the game.  Captains are allowed on the court only to witness a measurement.  Players are not allowed to go into the courts to assist placement.

10.  No substitutions are allowed during a game.  A substitute may be used before the start of a game but the player cannot be from another team's roster.

11.  No Volo shots are allowed.  A Volo shot is an aerial shot where a player attempts to hit other bocce balls or the pallino before it touches 

the ground.

12.  In the case of a tie between two balls the prevailing (or first) ball has to be beaten, not tied.  The first ball takes the point.

13.  If the player throws the wrong colored ball, simply replace it with the correct color when the ball comes to rest.

14.  If a players rolls out of turn, that ball will be removed from play and any contacted bocce balls will restored to their position and play will continue.

15.  If an individual delivers more than their allotted two balls that team will forfeit two points from the score board and play will continue.

16.  Team captains may request measurement of any ball at any time, and are the only team member allowed on the court to witness a measurement.

17.  The tournament committee will resolve all disputes.  The committee will be announced before the first game.  The tournament committee will be made up of four individuals.

18.  The throwing player may walk to the centerline while staying out of the court area to observe ball placements.  The captains must stay out of the court area except to witness a measurement, but may go past the centerline to observe ball placements.

19.  Placed balls will be measured from their inside dimensions for the most accurate determination.

20.  At no time during the game should any ball on the court be touched or moved in any way, by any individual.  Only balls referenced in rule 5 and rule 13, can be touched for removal or replacement.

21.  Players must remain behind the back edge of the red foul line when throwing any ball.

22.  These rules are created to apply to any bocce tournament to have a good time and avoid controversy.  Have a nice day.