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The game of bocce (phonetically pronounced BOH-chay in Italian, BAH-chee in English) had its origin some 7,000 years ago in ancient Egypt.  Pharaohs and aristocrats had first played the game in their courtyards with heavy golden and silver spheres.  For many years bocce, like golf, had remained a game solely played by the European elite.

In the 18th Century, bocce came with some of our ancestors crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  Sailors and immigrants would fashion balls out of old boat ropes to play bocce on ship decks while traveling to America.

The balls of old and rope evolved to be balls of wood, plastic and metal like those used today.  The rocky open courtyards and ship decks have become closed, smooth courts of grass, clay and artificial surfaces.

Bocce can be played by virtually anyone.  It is played for fun or competition.  It can be played with 2 or more players playing solo or in teams.  Bocce sets cost as low as $30, and a level surface as small as 60 feet by 10 feet can provide many hours of fun for friends and family.

Bocce is popular today because it’s:

· The 2nd most played game in the world after soccer.

· a game of both skill and luck.

· a non-contact sport that provides low-impact exercise.

· a game for both young and old that brings people TOGETHER.